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Welcome to the 12-Week None to Run Challenge.


You've been trying to run for years, but like many, can't crack the code and find the motivation you need.

Mark Kennedy

Mark Kennedy

But maybe motivation is not your problem?  If you weren't motivated, would you be here?

What you need is some discipline, accountability and momentum.  In other words...some follow-through.

This challenge is about ignoring the sabotaging self-talk that gets in our way.

With the help of a plan, support and accountability....you can FINALLY stack the deck in your favour!

I want to help you change your identity.

Instead of “I want to run”, this challenge will help you put the following words into your mouth, and more importantly, your head:



“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”— Albert Einstein.jpg

How Accountability Helped Me (and can help you too)


I ran my first marathon in fall of 2008.  Yes, I finished, but overall the experience was terrible. I made many mistakes in training and tried to be a lone wolf. 

I was under-trained, taking almost 2 weeks off training to get a handle on my running injuries, but I finished my first marathon in 4:34:43. The last 10 km was a disaster – my legs were DONE. I had to alternate between running slowly and walking, but I finished.

Five years later, I wanted to break the 4-hour mark. 

I needed some expert guidance to help me reach my goal and knew I couldn’t rely on my 2008 reckless approach. 

Some accountability was also needed. Left on my own, it was too easy to slack. Reporting to someone after each workout would keep me motivated to do the work.

So, I hired a coach to keep hold me accountable and keep me going when times got tough. 

It was a game changer.

Training smarter with a dash of accountability steered me to shaving 40-minutes off my time! 

Whether it's through a friend, running group, online community like this or a coach....there are lots of ways to get support and help you gain the momentum you need to become the runner you've always wanted to be.

Following a plan and accountability is what this challenge is all about.


Here’s what a few participants from the September 2018 challenge said:

L Belt.png
skitch (1).png
Thank you for doing the Challenge! I never thought I would be running again after a 20 year break.
— Elizabeth

This is What You'll Get

5k plan.png

Lifetime access to the paid Run to Race 5K and 10K plans (valued at $50)

Many N2R participants have a goal of running a 5K or even 10K.

The Run to Race (5K and 10K) plans will help you ramp up your distance and start to incorporate a little more speed work.

The perfect complement and next step once you’ve finished with and are comfortable with, the None to Run plan


None to Run T-Shirt

American Apparel TR401 Unisex Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Track Shirt.

These shirts are super comfortable!

Wear with pride :)

NOTE: You will have the choice of a black t-shirt or cranberry (as shown).


Stretching routine created by Christine Felstead, founder of Yoga for Runners

Christine created a simple and effective beginner yoga sequence that was designed with runners in mind.

These stretches will help keep you healthy and your muscles and joints feeling good.


NEW and improved online community

Need some accountability, inspiration & feedback (and answers to any of your questions)? The online community will provide you with it all. I will jump in there periodically to ensure all of your questions are answered.

Build relationships and share with a community of amazing, like-minded people just like you!



But Mark, Why Isn't The Challenge Free?

Here is the deal, most of the information and resources I provide are free.

n2r peeps.png

But, maintaining this site, an email list with over 25,000 people, podcast hosting, podcast transcription, etc, costs me real out of pocket money.

This doesn't even include the hours I have put in on 50+ blog articles, 30+ podcast interviews and much more.

The cost of the challenge is cheap considering you get a cool None to Run t-shirt as a bonus!  Heck, you'd pay more for one personal training session. 

So, by joining the challenge, you'll help keep the majority of None to Run free for others to get started running properly and change their lives as well.

When will I get all of the materials?

All of the materials (including access to the online support community) will be emailed to you on August 30, 2019.

T-shirts will be shipped approximately midway through the challenge. I will ship them any part of the world you live.

How the Challenge Works

Everyone starts on September 1, 2019.

If you’ve already started the None to Run plan, no problem. Simply start the challenge on whatever week you’re on, and transition into the 5K plan (or 10K) when you’re ready.

You can run outside or on a treadmill. It does not matter.

YOUR GOAL:  Stick to the None to Run Plan or the Run to Race 5K/10K plans for 12-weeks (or a combination of the three plans if you complete one midway through).  Simple.

You are NOT competing with others. You will challenge yourself and support the other participants on their journey.

Of course, if you need to repeat week of your plan, that's perfectly fine. In fact, it's encouraged.

And if you feel an injury coming on and need to back off or miss a couple of workouts, that's perfectly fine as well. 

We're trying to create some momentum without injury and with some enjoyment. 


Join the Challenge

(challenge starts Sept 1st)

Join the challenge!

(all of this is valued at $100 USD)



I am confident that you'll love the challenge and the material included.

Of course, if you're not pleased with your purchase, then I think you should get your money back. 

I offer a 100% money back guarantee that lasts for 30-days from the date of purchase. 


Join the challenge!

(all of this is valued at $100 USD)

The challenge starts in:



Please send me an email! I am here to help.