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N2R Sets Beginner
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Meet your personal running coach. None to Run has been intentionally built around runners who are struggling to meet the high demand other running apps place on our bodies and souls. N2R removes the guesswork from running and equips you with clarity and confidence to move forward in your runs.

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4.8 out of 5 Stars

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5km Run Plans

Run to Race 5k - 10k plans

Flexible running plans to help you achieve your running goals. No matter your fitness level, this plan is for you and is designed to get you across the finish line.

Play music or podcasts whilst using

Play Music or Podcasts

Everyone could use a little boost. Play uninterrupted music while running and listening to our plans.

!2 Week Running plan for Beginners

12 week Beginner Running Plan

Designed to ease you into exercise, and leave you feeling positive about your new routine. Commit to showing up daily and you'll see big results.

Everything you need to get fit

None to Run has been carefully built around runners who are struggling to meet the high demand other runnings apps place on our body and soul.

Apple Health Compatible Running App

Works with Apple Health

Fully Apple health compatible, so you can better share and track your fitness data or upload your full run data automatically to Strava.

Strava Running App Compatible

Integrates with Strava

Upload your run data automatically to Strava

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4.8 out of 5 Stars

5,000 + Ratings in the Apple App Store

more Reasons to choose N2R

Outdoor and Indoor Running App

Works indoors and outdoors

Hit the treadmill, or set off in the great outdoors. None to Run is designed to suit your individual workout preferences.

Standalone Apple Watch Compatible User Running

Stand-alone Apple watch app

Our stand alone Apple watch workouts mean you can stay active and connected wherever you are, without needing your phone! Leave the phone at home, focus on the workout.

Open run mode

OPen RUns

Whilst our running plans are built to help beginners progress and build confidence, being bound to them can sometimes be demotivating. Rest assured that runners have the flexibility to take the lead on their workouts with open runs.

Social Sharing your Run

Social Sharing

Celebrate the small wins and the milestones by sharing your success with friends. Our social sharing feature enables you to share your running journey on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Why none to run Works


We focus on time,
not distance

How long and not how far you run is key to developing your fitness, so we make sure to grow your running without injury and loss of motivation... slowly.



None to Run starts slow by design. Manageable progressions build the confidence and consistency needed to make running an enjoyable habit. Look forward to your next run instead of dreading it.


build consistency & confidence

Good runners are strong and resilient. We provide short, simple strength and mobility routines to help you prevent common running injuries, improve your form and make running feel easier.

App Store Reviews

4.8 out of 5 Stars

4,500 + Ratings in the Apple App Store

Great app, exceptional customer service!
This app is worth it for the customer service alone. But it is also a great app! Day one was accessible to me as a complete beginner. It was still a challenge for someone completely out of shape, but doable. I have tried other apps that were too hard, especially when running outdoors. I like that this app has the option for treadmill or outdoor running. I also love being able to listen to my own music while still being able to hear the prompts. My husband and I are going through the program together and are loving it so far. If you have any questions or issues, customer service is the absolute best! I highly recommend this app!
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Excellent program and app
I was a new runner and recently finished the N2R program. I really like how the program is set up. It focuses more on time than on distance, which is great for getting you used to being on your feet! The strength exercises really do help and should not be skipped. I could tell a difference in my runs once I started consistently doing the strength exercises. The customer service is also top notch. I started program before I got my Apple Watch, and I was having trouble getting my routes to show up. I emailed support, and by the next afternoon after several emails, Jeff had me back up and “running!” (It was my user error, but he very patiently and kindly walked me through the steps to take to fix it!). You will not be disappointed!!!! Go for it!!!
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Terrific app
After battling an injury, I was looking for a way to get back to running. None to Run is a smart, safe way to build strength and endurance over the 12-week program. The initial focus on running for time instead of distance gave me the permission I needed to start slow, focus on each workout, and build up to running for a full 25 minutes—something I hadn’t done in a long time. The compatibility with my Apple Watch is great. It kept me on track and motivated while listening to my favorite playlists. I recommend this to anyone who is new to running, looking to get back to running, or a seasoned runner who appreciates the functionality of audio prompts during your workout.
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Start Running!!!
The None 2 Run app is amazing! I used another popular program 10 years ago that worked me up to running a 5K but afterwards when I continued to make running a part of regular exercise I was plagued with injuries. So I came to the conclusion I was not a runner. So this past year I came across the N2R program and decided to give it a try. It’s great because it is designed to get you running at a pace that is comfortable for you. When used with your phone and/ or your watch it gives you prompts of when to walk and when to run and also an encouraging phrase at the end. The end goal is to be able to run for 25 minutes straight regardless of distance. You can do this at your own pace and even repeat weeks if you need to. There is also a social media group with people going through the same program as you for support and encouragement. I am now slowly working through the N2R 5K program.
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Absolutely LOVE this program!!!!!
I’m a brand new runner, 17 yo, and have always wanted to be able to run but in the past I’ve done too much too fast and got injured. This program is great for beginning runners because it helps you pace yourself, and the podcasts are super helpful and actually worth your time!! With the podcasts I’ve learned to be patient with myself and not give myself too high expectations, I’ve learned what type of pain is normal/okay and what pain to watch out for. Also the first runs are so fun that I felt amazing afterwards. This has helped me a lot during quarantine because running is boosting my mood and my mental health, and the program works so well that I haven’t gotten injured and stuck inside! And the program is free!!!! It doesn’t ask you to upgrade and pay after the first couple runs!! Which gets sooo annoying. It gives you the entire 12 wk program for free right off the bat so you know what to expect which I love. Thank you for sharing this program!!
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Excellent program and App!
I have been wanting to get back into running for a long time. This program and app are perfect to work back up mileage and endurance. So much better than previous programs I’ve tried. Easy to get into and love the layout of the app with the set workouts for each week! The app is great works well with my audiobooks playing while still giving me the walk run prompts. Both Mark the creator and Jeff the developer were very quick to answer questions I had when I couldn’t get something on my Apple Watch to work right. Problem was user error and they figured it out within an hour and late at night. Thanks guys for your quick response and help. Look forward to continuing to build on my runs. The price is well worth the setup within the app for intervals, provides motivation to click off each workout and tracks everything in one place vs multiple apps to see progress following the program. Worth every penny!
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Gwen B 515

None to Run

Success Stories

Hear how our members have used None to Run plans and community to start their running journey and become runners.

Tina Watson
When I came back to running again, I decided that I would try the Couch to 5k to get my fitness back....I didn't get on with that AT ALL, I found it really tough. I looked through the internet and came across None2Run and there was a PDF which I printed out and followed. 
Mary Owens
As a person that is big on diversity, I love that the program is for everyone - whether you’re new to running or an experienced runner.
Caron Forman
I am so grateful for you, Mark, and this app and for the None to Run community for their constant encouragement. Although we all have never met and live in different parts of the world, everyone is so positive and inspiring.
Emily Shuman
Just do the run, make time to love yourself, and focus on how it makes you feel mentally rather than how things look on a scale.
Kat Andrew
In 2019 a friend invited me to participate in a 5k race. I immediately said sure.....then realized I don't run. Another friend, Stephanie, recommended N2R and the program. I started the 12-week plan and fell in love immediately.
Clara Baldwin
There will be some good, bad, and the ugly ones but never regret it! They all count, they all shape you as a runner.
Trine Larsen
In 10 months I have gone from running for 30 seconds to running for more than 50 minutes without stopping.



We give both technical and motivational support, so you're never left feeling alone or ignored. We're stronger when we're together and we don't leave our members behind.


We enhance your knowledge and skills by giving you the inside track on what keeps people going. From how to mentally prepare for a long run to what shoes might be best for you.


Meet like minded runners who are on the same journey. Learn about their success and share your experience with them as you grow together. Everyone is welcome here.


The None to Run community brings people of similar interests together whilst providing a space for sharing advice and stories. You'll never be alone on this journey.

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