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Welcome and thanks for checking out the None to Run app!

I am Mark Kennedy, RRCA Certified Distance Running Coach and the founder of None to Run.

Rest assured you can always get help with your running and app questions by email.

We’re here to help!

📱App related questions, feedback or concerns: support@nonetorun.com

🏃‍♀️Running related questions: mark@nonetorun.com

What is None to Run?

None to Run is an app, community and running resource that helps beginner runners (or those coming back after a hiatus) get started.

We focus on small wins and progress slowly and safely.

None to Run doesn’t focus on speed or pace.  

The 12-week beginner running plan will take you from ground zero, to running comfortably for 25-minutes straight.

Gasping for air?  No, we’re not about that!

If you can't currently run for more than 5-minutes straight without stopping to catch your breath, you're in the right place.

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