A Message To Non-Runners

Mark Kennedy
Founder of None to Run
July 25, 2023

Note: I originally wrote this post over at Medium.

This is a message for those of you that have always wanted to run.I recently saw a man, likely in his 80s, running slower than my 17-month old son can walk.

I found myself fighting to hold back tears. He was wearing black leather shoes, some loose fitting dress pants and a collared shirt.

This man moved me and inspired me in an indescribable way.

He also made me think about running and why so many resist it.

When I tell most non-runners about my running habit, there are a few recurring responses.

“That sounds hard.”

“You’re ruining your knees.”

“I don’t have time to run.”

“I look funny when I run.”

“I don’t have the right gear.”

“Don’t you get tired?”

Why do many people react this way to running?

Where are these negative thoughts coming from?

Running is natural and invigorating.

Movement in its purest form.

To run is human.

While I understand running is a hugely popular fitness and sporting activity, so many shy away for the reasons listed above.

And more. I want people who are physically able to run, to stop thinking of running as, well, running.

Some shoes and loose clothing (tight, stretchy clothing is optional) and you’re off.

Hell, even shoes are optional.

Get outside and go for a run.

Go as slow or as fast as you want and throw time and distance expectations to the side.

Be free and feel like a kid again.

Run and feel alive.

You. Are. A runner.