Advice For Starting (and Completing) None to Run

Advice For Starting (and Completing) None to Run

Tony Easter
N2R Community Member
February 5, 2024

Written by N2R community member, Tony Easter.

The N2R plan has worked so well for me & I wanted to let people know I recently made it to the end….I still can't quite believe it.

I completed N2R, the 5k plan & the 10k plan.  

I now run 10k+ distances several times a week.

But, two years ago was a very different story.

Tony Easter

Two years ago I was 53, overweight & very unfit.

I tried to learn to run back then & gave up. I'd not heard of N2R then & attempted a "DIY" approach! Instead, I ended up walking (a lot) to lose weight & to start my fitness journey; but I always looked at people running past me and thought - one day that will be me.

I became a runner earlier this year when I started run 1 of week 1 of the N2R intro plan.

It's not all been straightforward and there have been a few ups & downs along the way.

The advice I wish I'd learnt on day 1 which would have smoothed things out a lot for me, and I hope may help others, would have been:

  1. Set up a regular run schedule - after a couple of weeks I ran the same days and same times each week - make it a habit and you'll start to look forward to the sessions & you'll really miss any days you can't make.
  2. Don't cheat and miss any of the strength training (I did & had time-outs due to injury!).
  3. If you can't get your breathing under control - slow down. Definitely remember there is no such thing as too slow!
  4. It's totally OK to have a bad session, or two, or three, or.... just don't beat yourself up over it.
  5. No one is going to have 36 perfect running sessions & 24 perfect strength training sessions in the N2R program - that'd be weird.
  6. If the whole pace/breathing thing gets too hard to figure out - run without one earphone in. I found if I could hear my breathing it was so much easier to slow down and control. If you can still talk, then that's the pace you're aiming for. And yes, I would talk to myself to test this out.
  7. But be prepared to be shocked. I often thought I was being chased by a loud, stomping, wheezing beast with an unknown number of legs in the early weeks - until I realised all the noise was me.
  8. My vision of having a graceful, sleek, silent & gazelle like running style died on the spot.
  9. The heavy breathing has gone, the stomping has stopped & my style is much improved; but I still run like a duck.

Hopefully, some of these points will help people avoid the mistakes I made. I wish everyone the best of luck in the pursuit of their own goals too.

As to what's next for me; in September I did a 100k event as a walker, but there were people running that distance too.

I thought - one day that will be me.

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