#IHaveARunnersBody (With Dorothy Beal)

#IHaveARunnersBody (With Dorothy Beal)

Mark Kennedy
Founder of None to Run
November 28, 2023

And we’re back!

Apologies for the long delay between podcasts/blog posts, but I have spent the past few months focusing on making my None to Run program better.

If you are a beginner runner and looking to start a running plan in January, please check out None to Run.

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About Dorothy Beal

Dorothy Beal is a 35-year old mother of 3, a runner (34 time marathon runner) and the creator of Miles Posts.

She is a certified Road Runners Club of America and USATF Level 1 certified running coach. Dorothy has been featured in places, to name a few, like:  Runner’s World Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Competitor Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, Women’s Running Magazine and more.

Perhaps her best work is on her Instagram account where she sends important messages to her followers about body positivity.

Here are a couple of Dorothy's popular posts.

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Have a second? I want to share a story with you 💜 Chloe was 10 when she first told me she didn't like her big thighs. It felt like some invisible force had punched me in the stomach. Big thighs!? Her thighs were beautiful to me, all of her was. I explained in no uncertain terms that her thighs were not big AT ALL and that EVERY girl is perfect just the way she is, including her. She said well....I guess we both have big thighs so it's ok.....Ok? I was NOT ok. I cried to myself that night. I remember being 10. It's the age I started to hate things about myself. I hadn't yet finished growing yet I was already unhappy with the body I had been given. I cried that night not because of my struggles but because I realized that how I feel about myself, the words I say or don't say out loud, directly affects my daughter. Did she not like her *big thighs* because I didn't like mine? Had she heard me speak negatively about them before? Probably. That night I decided I would free myself from self hatred. Not for me - but so that I would never unknowingly influence my daughter or ANY GIRL in a negative manner as it relates to their body ever again. I still have rough days where I look in the mirror and rip myself apart....but I now have the tools to combat those negative thoughts - to tell the voice in my head saying mean things - to leave. You don't get a medal for hating yourself. There is no first place award for how mean you are to yourself internally. When you free yourself from self judgement - not nice thoughts about yourself can flow out of your mind just as quickly as they flowed in. If you can't find it in yourself to love yourself for YOU then love yourself so we can change how the next generation of girls view themselves. They are the FUTURE. Self loathing is a learned behavior - let's break the cycle. #ihavearunnersbody #irunthisbody #loveMYshape #motherhoodunfiltered

A post shared by Dorothy Beal (@mileposts) on Sep 24, 2017 at 5:05pm PDT

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Gonna throw out some thoughts for you on #fitspo 🏃🏻‍♀️ The majority of #fitspo photos are someone's BEST angle or a photo they LOVE of themselves. What someone else posts shouldn't make you feel bad about yourself. It's their best and often times we compare it to what we feel is our worst. For a very long time I hated my LEGS and that makes me REALLY sad. My legs help me do something I am passionate about - RUN. I'd see a photo like the one on the left and think WHAT THE WHAT - why are my legs always a cottage cheese mess!? How many miles do I have to run before they don't look like that!? But photos like the one on the left are a split second in time - minutes later I looked like the girl on the right. Why oh why are we meaner to ourselves than to anyone else? Nothing is wrong with my legs in either photo....nothing....Health isn't just about the miles - it's also about what's going on in our heads and hearts ❤ beating yourself up doesn't make you healthier - quite the opposite - so let's make a pact to #juststop ✋🏼with the negative self talk from here on out. Xoxo #ihavearunnersbody #irunthisbody #run #anyBODYcanrun

A post shared by Dorothy Beal (@mileposts) on Mar 16, 2017 at 2:23pm PDT

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