Jeff Galloway's Tips for Beginner Runners

Mark Kennedy
Founder of None to Run
July 25, 2023

Running can change your life.  This piece from Jeff Galloway's website really drives this home for me.

"Running changes us. Studies and personality profiles show that as beginners continue to run regularly without time goals, they become more positive. As I work with runners, over months and years, they tend to become more “self-starting,” think and talk more honestly, and move on to other positive changes in their lives. Running triggers a series of circuits inside to gear up, improve capacity, become more efficient, expand awareness, focus, while instilling a sense that stress can be erased or managed, and problems solved. " - Jeff Galloway

In episode 22 of the podcast, I had the honour of talking to Jeff.

Jeff has inspired millions with his "Run, Walk, Run" method and ability to resonate with beginner and experienced runners alike. If you are not familiar with Jeff Galloway, here is a bit more about him:

  • represented the United Stated as a runner in the 1972 Olympics (10,000 meters and an alternate for the marathon).
  • Author of North America’s best-selling running book: Galloway’s Book on Running.
  • Running Runner’s World monthly columnist.
  • Founder of the Run Walk Run method, which has opened up running to millions.

In this podcast, you will learn about:

  • How Jeff got started running and how he manages to run one marathon per month with his wife at the age of 70.
  • How running changed Jeff's life for the better.
  • The origin of the run, walk, run method of running and why it works so well for beginners.
  • What to do when you feel pain and how to better your chance for running pain-free.
  • Whether it's better to run for time or distance.
  • How to know when you're ready to progressive from running with walk breaks to continuous running.
  • Tips to start running with a goal to lose weight.
  • Is there a best way to breathe when you run?
  • And much more...

Links and resources mentioned in this podcast:

Jeff Galloway's official website -

The Run-Walk-Run Method (book) - Jeff Galloway designed this method in 1973 to help beginners start running.

@jeffgalloway - follow Jeff on Twitter