The None to Run App is Here! 🎉

The None to Run App is Here! 🎉

Mark Kennedy
Founder of None to Run
July 21, 2023

After almost a year in the making, I’m excited to announce that the iOS version of the None to Run app is now available to download!

We have listened to your requests and feedback and put a lot of time and effort into making this app the best way to progress through the None to Run plan.

I hope it helps you become the runner you want to be.

Before I go any further, I know what many of you are thinking.


Trust me, I get it :) My wife doesn’t even use an iPhone.

The biggest reason I decided to launch with iPhone first is because I partnered with a talented iOS developer, Jeff Bailey, to create the N2R app.

Jeff developed the Intervals Pro app that many of you use and love. For this reason, it made sense for us to create the iOS version first.

Click here to ensure you get notified when we’re looking Android beta testers.


Before I mention more about the app, I want to share more about the evolution of None to Run.

I had the idea for a running plan that took away the pressure of pace and running specific distances. Sure those things are great, but when just getting started, building confidence and consistency is more important.

There are lots of good beginner running programs out there.

But, people are not robots who simply follow the instructions on a PDF or in an app.

We have insecurities, injuries (past and present), challenges with motivation, illnesses, busy lives, jobs, family obligations, etc. It’s not easy to start running.

I knew this, but listening to all of your stories and updates made me understand and empathize with people starting their running journeys even more.

None to Run is not me.

It was never about me.

YOU and the None to Run community are what make it amazing.

I am simply here to provide a safe, supportive platform to let you run and help each other along the way.


There have been some amazing stories and moments over the past 3-4 years.

Here are a few that come to mind:

These Boots Were Made for Runnin'

I have heard from people who have completed the program in work boots. Hey, if the boots are comfortable...go for it!

Jogging on the Spot

Raining outside or don’t have someone to watch your kids? Take a run around your house. This happened! And I love it.

Athletes Among Us

Sometimes life gets in the way. This happens to all of us. N2R has many accomplished athletes who are looking to ease back into running and being active. Within the N2R community, we have ex-military, former NCAA Div-1 basketball players, former marathon runners and more!

The Great White North

A 79-year old woman started the plan after hearing a doctor talk about it at a "Walk With a Doc" event at a local hospital in Alaska.

In Sickness and In Health

A group of N2R runners sent flowers to a fellow None to Runner when she was recovering from surgery. The power of community.


This is an important issue as many people struggle with mental health just like we do physical health.

While I am proud that N2R has been a supportive sounding board and that exercise has had a profound effect on many community members, please do seek help from a medical professional if needed.


I never envisioned this, but one of the things I am most proud of with N2R is the positive impact parents are making on their kids!

In an age of screen time and decreasing childhood activity levels, so many of you have completed some of the program with your kids.

It may seem like a small thing, but your kids watch and observe what you do intently. You're great examples of courage and perseverance - something that will not go unnoticed by your children.

Remember that.


The N2R community includes runners from:

1. United States (Note: I organized the first live meetup/group run in Columbus this past November. It was so cool to meet some of the N2R community in person!)

2. Canada

3. United Kingdom

4. Australia

5. New Zealand

6. France

7. Germany

8. Denmark

9. Italy

10. Ireland

11. South Africa

12. Cayman Islands

13. Israel

And more!


There are so many amazing people I have watched work through the program. While it's not possible to personally congratulate and thank you all - I do want to mention a few of you for being incredible ambassadors of hard work, fun and support.

Your contributions to the FB group and willingness to help develop the N2R platform & community along with me have not gone unnoticed.

Kate and Trine - One in Australia, the other in Denmark. I have watched these two become virtual running buddies from thousands of kilometres apart. When one posts a run, “tag”, the other is “it”. Thank you both for making None to Run a fun community and bringing people together. You both rock!

Stephen S. - An Aussie living in Kentucky. I have watched you crush 5K races and transform your fitness and health. There have been some injuries along the way, but you have always been so positive and willing to share -and still rocking the original N2R t-shirt! Thank you, Stephen.

Ben S. - You shared a story on the FB group about overcoming your self-consciousness about running outside and being seen by other people. Thank you for being vulnerable & courageous and sharing your story with us.

Curtis - Your posts on the FB group were epic. You quickly became a superhero within the community for sharing and being a role model for your daughter and community. I encourage everyone to read Curtis' article on the UK Parkrun website. Click here to read "Nothing to be embarrassed about". Thank you, Curtis.

Lisa, Laura, David, Christina, Josh-Andi, Roxanne, Carrie, Robin and many, many more of you.

Thank you.


You can read about all of the features of the app within the App Store description, but I know many of you will want to know that the app.....

DOES let you play music, podcast or audio-book of your choice while getting all of the interval prompts!

INTEGRATES with Apple Watch

STORES all of your workouts securely in Apple Health

WILL include the 5K, 10K and Run to Race plans soon (harder than it looks to add!)

Why did we choose a subscription model?

This was a tough decision, but I think going the route of a subscription payment model is the right one.

1. It aligns both our interests. You want an app that is constantly being improved, with new features...and we will be motivated to do just that. If you pay $3.99 upfront for an app, how long can you reasonably expect it to work? Their only incentive is to keep getting new people to purchase the app. That is why many apps have you pay upfront and hardly ever update the functionality.

2. We are a small (2 middle-aged dads!), independent team without the marketing budgets of Runkeeper (owned by Asics), Nike or MapMyRun (owned by Under Armour). We want to provide you with an amazing tool, for as long as possible, that helps you become a better runner.

In the end, recurring revenue will help None to Run consistently get better and help fund building an Android version, which we know many of you would like to see.


Me, Mark Kennedy (Toronto, ON)

Most of you know a bit about me :)

I am a husband and father of two boys (5 and 8). I live in Toronto, Ontario (eh!). I studied Kinesiology in university, but I have been working in the finance industry for about 20 years. Health, fitness and sport science have always been passions of mine and thus, prompted me to start a blog about 11 years ago. None to Run evolved from the blog and a keen interest in helping beginner runners.

I like craft beer (update: sadly beer has recently started giving me stomach issues so I am not really drinking it anymore. This happen to any of you??) and good coffee.

I have run two marathons and numerous half marathons and shorter races.

I grew up in Victoria, British Columbia, which is still my favorite place in the world to run :)          

Jeff Bailey (Columbus, OH)

Jeff’s been building apps since the early days of the iPhone. For the last 5 years, he’s been focused on Health & Fitness apps like Intervals Pro, one of the most popular Interval Training apps.

Jeff’s favorite days of the year are the Fourth of July and any day Apple announces new products!


1. Download the app and use it to become a better runner. 😊

2. Give an honest rating and review of the app in the App Store.

3. Share the app with your friends and family. People who do the plan with someone else increase their chances of success with the plan.

4. If you belong to any online communities (FB groups, Reddit, Weight Watchers, running clubs, etc.), please share the link to the app with them! Let’s get the word out!


My oldest son (8) wanted to create a sign for the app...and here it is :)

Thank you, everyone. I appreciate you all.

Happy running.


A Running App for Real People

In order to become a runner, you don't need much in order to become successful: a plan, an encouraging community and consistency. With N2R, you can have them all.

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Works Around your Schedule

Time is hard to come by. Kids, work, and other commitments can get in the way. You need a plan that's easy to follow and can work around you, not the other way around.

Break down the lies you tell yourself

You look "weird" when you run. You’re “not” a runner. You’re too “slow” or too "Old." We're here to tell you right here, right now, that you’re wrong. You only *think* these things because it's new and you feel uncomfortable. That'll change with consistency and time. You are a runner!

Exercise Smarter, not harder

It may have been hard previously, but it doesn't have to be – now, you'll be given the tools and the knowledge to succeed. We’re doing things differently in order to see different results.

N2R Eases you in

Running when you aren't ready or without the proper training can hurt, leaving you with nagging injuries that never seem to clear up. We ease you in, giving you the strength and conditioning you need to make sure your running doesn't come with pain.