Week 10 looks like a HUGE jump from week 9. What's with that?!

While this does seem like a big jump on paper, it’s not actually as daunting as it seems.

In Week 9 of N2R, you’re walking for 5 minutes (warm up) and then doing a run/walk for 25-mins.

Total time = 30 minutes. In Week 10, you’re walking for 5-mins and then running for 20-mins.

So, for 9-weeks you’ve been building up strength, endurance and are accustomed to 30-minutes total time on your feet.

Week 10 jumps back to 25-minutes of time on your feet....even though you are running slowly for 20-minutes straight.

I would focus more on the total time on your feet as opposed to solely running time!

One of the N2R Facebook community member said it perfectly:

"You just need to tell yourself to start running and go until you can't anymore - your body is ready to run for 20-minutes, it's just getting your brain on board!"

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