Week 10 looks like a HUGE jump from week 9. What's with that?!

While this does seem like a big jump on paper, it’s not actually as daunting as it seems.

In Week 9 of N2R, you’re walking for 5 minutes (warm up) and then doing a run/walk for 25-mins.

Total time = 30 minutes. In Week 10, you’re walking for 5-mins and then running for 20-mins.

So, for 9-weeks you’ve been building up strength, endurance and are accustomed to 30-minutes total time on your feet.

Week 10 jumps back to 25-minutes of time on your feet....even though you are running slowly for 20-minutes straight.

I would focus more on the total time on your feet as opposed to solely running time!

One of the N2R Facebook community member said it perfectly:

"You just need to tell yourself to start running and go until you can't anymore - your body is ready to run for 20-minutes, it's just getting your brain on board!"

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None to Run

Success Stories

Hear how our members have used None to Run plans and community to start their running journey and become runners.

Tina Watson
When I came back to running again, I decided that I would try the Couch to 5k to get my fitness back....I didn't get on with that AT ALL, I found it really tough. I looked through the internet and came across None2Run and there was a PDF which I printed out and followed. 
Mary Owens
As a person that is big on diversity, I love that the program is for everyone - whether you’re new to running or an experienced runner.
Caron Forman
I am so grateful for you, Mark, and this app and for the None to Run community for their constant encouragement. Although we all have never met and live in different parts of the world, everyone is so positive and inspiring.
Emily Shuman
Just do the run, make time to love yourself, and focus on how it makes you feel mentally rather than how things look on a scale.
Kat Andrew
In 2019 a friend invited me to participate in a 5k race. I immediately said sure.....then realized I don't run. Another friend, Stephanie, recommended N2R and the program. I started the 12-week plan and fell in love immediately.
Clara Baldwin
There will be some good, bad, and the ugly ones but never regret it! They all count, they all shape you as a runner.
Trine Larsen
In 10 months I have gone from running for 30 seconds to running for more than 50 minutes without stopping.

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In order to become a runner, you don't need much in order to become successful: a plan, an encouraging community and consistency. With N2R, you can have them all.

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Break down the lies you tell yourself

You look "weird" when you run. You’re “not” a runner. You’re too “slow” or too "Old." We're here to tell you right here, right now, that you’re wrong. You only *think* these things because it's new and you feel uncomfortable. That'll change with consistency and time. You are a runner!

Exercise Smarter, not harder

It may have been hard previously, but it doesn't have to be – now, you'll be given the tools and the knowledge to succeed. We’re doing things differently in order to see different results.

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Running when you aren't ready or without the proper training can hurt, leaving you with nagging injuries that never seem to clear up. We ease you in, giving you the strength and conditioning you need to make sure your running doesn't come with pain.