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Strength in Numbers

Last week, I had the fantastic opportunity to run/run hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The hillsides glowed red, yellow, and orange with fall leaves. The rocks of the Appalachian Trail were both challenging, and fun to navigate (like an American Ninja Warrior course), and the incessant climbs and descents going up and down hills made my legs and lungs burn…in a good way, mostly.

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How to Make Running a Habit

When it comes to becoming a better runner, consistency is king. So how do you go about becoming consistent?

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Just Run (Overthinking running form can do more harm than good)

Embracing your natural running form can be more beneficial than obsessively altering it to fit a mold, as the body naturally adjusts to its most efficient movement over time. Dive into this blog post to understand the balance between appreciating your innate running style and making minor tweaks for a safer and more enjoyable running.

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Evidence-based Tips to Start (and Stick With) Running

When I first started running, like many people, I did it all wrong. I set off like a bat out of hell, hated every second of it, and gave up after my first (miserable) race. Fast forward 20 years, and I now love running.

I did my PhD in Psychology partly on the topic of beginner runners, and over the years I’ve learnt a lot about using psychology to help people to enjoy running.

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Running High Mileage is a Privilege, Not a Right: With Nate Helming

In this podcast I talk with running coach, Nate Helming. He believes that all runners should consider themselves athletes and train like them. Enjoy!

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How to Start Running: 25 Tips for Beginner Runners

Are you a beginner runner looking to get started? Here are 25 tips for beginner runners to help you get started running with consistency and injury-free.

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